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Filles et garçons pleins d'ardeur. Then we'll all be reunited. You fill me with happiness.

Dominic Dominique. That we all may help to quicken. O Bone Jesu. The meadows and the orchards. Good King Wenceslaus. Salve Matre Misericordiae. Under the mantle of the Virgin.

And of that mainly rainy plain. Led him through the brambles. Dominique Singing Nun Soeur Sourire. Bread started becoming scarce. Of Your love and Your joy.

  • Bearing two great golden loaves.
  • One song from that album, "Dominique", soared to the top of the charts in the U

The Singing Nun

In the noontime sun. Good King Wenceslaus. At the gate of Paradise. On the roads of the all the world. Sleep Little One.

  • Il parcourt l'Europe à pied.
  • Domi-nique -nique -nique.

I'd like to be like the flame. When noon is full of wonder. Singing Nun - Dominique. Hollywood Argyles. Points a finger to the sky. With my brothers through out the world.

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One day in the budding order,. Without a camel or a coach. All the Paths Tous Les Chemins. And they're waiting for a smile.

Dominiqu' with just one prayer. Soeur Sourire. Wexford Carol. Joy to the World. En grand nombre rassembls.

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I'd like to be like the white cloud,. Climb Ev'ry Mountain. Lights up my step day to day.

My little inspiration is You oh Lord. Sanctus IX. Oh yes, oh Lord. Faithful Cross. Dominique 7. Report a problem. In the sun. J'ai Trouve Le Seigneur.

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Garde-nous simples et gais. You'll be expecting my life. J'ai Trouvé Le Seigneur. All of man's joys are the color of heaven.

The Singing Nuns - Dominique. In the home of Dominic and his brothers. Tous Les Chemins.

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